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(3) "Red mine stone" 20 inches thick with 18 inches of coal.
There is also a bed of clay ironstone 3-| feet in thickness. Tlie yield of pig-iron from the calcined blackband is 50 per cent. The amount raised is 750,,000 tons per year, so that this deposit is of no. small economic interest.
The whole county in 1903 produced 13,037,553 tons of coal, or 6 per cent, of the total output; 738,549 tons of ore, or 6 per cent, of the total, almost all being in the northern portion; 585,330 tons of pig-iron or 7 per cent, of the total, and 392,737 tons of steel, or 8 per cent, of the total.
The county also made 306,000 tons of puddled bar, which is one-third of the entire output of Great Britain. Two-thirds of this is made in South Staffordshire. This is the only district in Great Britain where the puddling industry is holding its own.
Table XXIII-TJ gives the annual output of ore and pig-iron.
TABLE XXIII-TJ. Output of Ore and Pig-iron in North and South Staffordshire.
	Ore Raised.			Pig Iron.		
Average for period per						
year ; tons.						
	North.	South.	Total.	North.	South.	Total.
1882 to 1885 inclusive   .... 1886 to 1890 inclusive  .... 1891 to 1895 inclusive  .... 1896 to 1900 inclusive  ....	1,774,205 1V972,784 885,922 982,733	106,567 68,432 39,501 42,115	1,880,772 1,341,206 925,423 1,024,848	277,167 260,973 215,279 260,610	272,292 281,090 290.651 325,572	549,459 542,063 505,930 586,182
1901 to 1903 inclusive  ....	757,173	36,125	793,298	239,995	316,467	556,462
SEC. XXIIIh.—The Eastern Central District; Lincoln, Leicester and Northampton; and the Central District; Derby and Nottingham :
The eastern shore of England, just south of the Humber, is not usually regarded as one of the great iron centers of the world, but it is of considerable consequence. Lincoln, Leicester and Northampton in 1903 produced one-third of all the ore raised in Great Britain, and made more pig-iron than Staffordshire.
The ore of Lincolnshire is an oolite, occurring in a bed from ten to twenty feet thick, and is easily mined. It is only two or three feet below the surface and is worked in open quarry. Bell gives the composition for each foot in depth for eight successive feet, stating that the results are typical. In the wet state the iron was